Our Specialties

Just some of the Styles and Products we offer:

Scissor Haircuts: $18-$22*** ---- Razor Cuts: $25***    
 No-Frills Haircut: $15
Senior discounts & specials are available ............please call for details.


Neckline trims between haircuts are always free
 complimentary neck shave with haircut is included upon request
                        *** includes hot aromatherapy steam towel, invigorating shampoo & condition.
                        Ask about the other grooming services, all at equally affordable prices.

Entire head of thick grey hair is artfully razored to tame the frizz. No side part and natural nape area goes casual to formal easily.

We use



Combination clipper and razoring delivers this easy, versatile Style. A strait-edge neck shave as well. Combed back it adapts to a clean corporate look.