And now introducing......

posted Mar 2, 2012, 2:40 PM by L R
I have discovered a terrific new product that does for hair color what a bailout does for the auto industry! Only permanent.
This regimine is a fairly quick but an oh-so successful pre and post hair color procedure. It is organic and is made
from deep ocean plants that are concentrated in ulta pure nutrients. Colorless, odorless pre-treatment cleanses the
hair shaft in such a manner that the color process itself is shorter and the fading is virtually non-exsistant.
And did I mention how shiny and silky the overall condition becomes? The PH level of the hair and scalp is returned to  it's perfect and natural state. This company has also packaged for you a shampoo with all the same ingredients to use daily................and no conditioner needed, EVER! I have not encountered a shampoo that deep cleanses like this will.